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(List of expected improvements and bug fixes)

No. Date & Version Class State Description
1. 2.02.2002
B New Grace notes in the end of measure are not spaced at all
2. 2.02.2002
D New

Time Signature (TS) Options dialog box should have:

  • check-box for disabling space allocation for TS
  • combo-box for specifying alignment of TS

That's necessary for placing TS above the staff on left or right side of barline or centered above barline.

3. 2.02.2002
E New Please add possibility to place note symbol as a beat specificator instead of digit at the bottom of time signature (TS). It means not only separate font specification for top and bottom symbols of TS, but also changes in the logic to proper displaying such durations as 16th, 32nd and so on. It should also display “2/dotted_quarter” instead of “6/eight” in cases where “2/4.” set in the TS dialog box. Also desirable is to have separator sign selector (none, or “/” or “—” or something else).
4. 2.02.2002
C New

Editor rulers are almost useless because

  • numbers are displayed only once per centimeter (when units are cm) or even per inch (if any other units are choosed);
  • graduation is also very seldom;
  • mouse curse has no pointers on rulers;
  • when page is scaled down (which is almost always true) rulers don't reflect real units

If you fix all these rulers can become very useful thing!

5. 2.02.2002
C New It would be good if guides may differ for at least left and right pages.
6. 4.02.2002
B New When articulation with on-note-side position attached to the note placed on more than two ledger lines and with opposite stem direction moving of this articulation either by mouse or by arrow keys results in unexpected jumps of the sign. After proceeding Ctrl-D sign returns to its normal position.
7. 4.02.2002
B New When measure-attached text block is attached to a scaled staff or to a staff of a scaled system and fixed checkbox is unchecked the font size while editing this text block is becoming to be like fixed. If system is scaled then text block is jumping aside while editing. After proceeding Ctrl-D text block returns to its normal position and font size.
8. 10.02.2002
B New When screen view multiplied by page scale is larger than 609% (eg. page scale 72% and view 847%, or page scale 100% and view 610%) its impossible to move handles by arrow keys in Beam Angle tool, Beam Extension tool, Notehead position tool, Note Position tool, Accidental Mover tool, Stem Length tool, Dot tool, Beam Stem Adjust tool. But it's working for Beam Width tool.
9. 10.02.2002
C New In Time Signature (TS) dialog box it would be good if Use a Different TS for Display checkbox can be checked automatically when user is changing anything else in this extended dialog box.
10. 16.02.2002
C New When keyboard shortcut like ctrl+Fn or ctrl+alt+Fn (where Fn is any of allowed functional keys F2..F12) is assigned to Measure tool or Tuplet tool with Plug-ins / TG Tools / Menu Shortcuts pressing this shortcut invokes Add Measure or Default Tuplet Visual Definision dialog boxes correspondendly instead of just selecting necessary tool.
11. 17.02.2002
B New When staff style applied to the part of the measure and Hide attribute is selected in this style any Smart Shape attached to the visible part of measure is disappearing immediately after loosing a focus.
12. 14.04.2002
C New When smart shape attached to the last note of the staff (before system brake) it’s not possible to edit that immediately if not unselecting and selecting it again.
13. 14.04.2002
C New After changing measure attached expression from "All staves" to "This staff".
14. 14.04.2002
C New When selecting Articulation tool by meta tool (or by key combination assigned by TGTools) it starts working only after moving mouse.
15. 18.04.2002
D New It would be good if such parameter of text block as Line Spacing could be copied by Copy-and-Paste operation.
16. 2.05.2002 win2k2b B New When key signature changed from for example B Flat Major (2 flats) to E Flat Minor (6 flats) unnecessary naturals wrongly appear before new key signature. There will be no naturals if new mode is the same as the previous one (Major after Major or Minor after Minor). Behaviour should not differ for different modes.
17. 6.05.2002 win2k2b B New "Jump on total passes" in Ending Repeat Bar Assignment acts as if it would "Jump until total passes". It prevents multiple usage of the repeat bar.
18. 15.06.2002 win2k2b B New When Scroll View and Page View icons removed from the View Menu Toolbar they appear there again after restarting Finale. The same behaviour is shown by all tools of Smart Shape Palette.
19. 15.06.2002 win2k2b B New Launching one of Special Tools by assigned metatool just changes active palette icon but does not activate tool if another one of Special Tools was already active.
20. 15.06.2002 win2k2b C New Newly added metatools for Smart Shape Tools is a good feature but it doesn't allow to save screen space by turning this palette off for when we launch any of Smart Shape Tools by metatool the palette appears on the screen. Maybe it would be a good feature to have a checkbox "Show Palettes When Launching Tools" in Program Options.
21. 16.06.2002 win2k2b B New It would be good to have constrained dragging enabled for slurs (see note on the p.21-32 of the User manual).
22. 16.06.2002 win2k2b B New Pressing and holding Ctrl key while dragging additional slur handle changes its arc symmetrically only in horizontal direction but not in vertical one. Ctrl with arrow keys works properly.
23. 4.09.2002
B New Redo is not working with redo list. Instead of restoration of all listed commands Finale just duplicates the last command by adding it into the end of list.
24. 4.09.2002
B New Placing a new Text Repeat symbol into score affects positions of all other instances of the same symbol in the document. Probably new symbol should keep position specified in the Repeat Designer dialog box but not vice versa.

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